Wednesday, 22 July 2020 10:41

Tamer Mallak Artwork at the Exhibition in Berlin

Through Solidarity, We Survive is an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the social, political, and cultural effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on communities. The project’s goal is to publicly highlight the major role that creativity, imagination, and storytelling play during times of uncertainty and upheaval, while supporting artists in exile.

14 posters were selected (+2 from the Artist Training Program by the UdK Berlin Career College) out of the submissions to coculture’s open call, which invited Syrian artists to produce a new artwork. The concept of the work was to be based on a dialogue they had had with the people around them about how the pandemic affected their daily lives.

The world before and after Covid-19: This is what many experts say. We suddenly found ourselves confronting a crisis that affected all the humanity. We have turned out to be scared of one thing. We all are scared of one thing that has forced us to fear each other, possibly more than we fear the virus.

The media began to intensively highlight the pandemic, which increased fear! Tamer Mallak and his family - Yulia his wife, and his three children: Adam and David, the five-year-old twins and Reema, the eight-month-old girl. The family lives in Belarus. This country has not forced quarantine measures. Tamer Mallak kept going to work every day. As the case with all companies, the company faces the risk of closure, contributing to Tamer Mallak’s daily fear and anxiety. Upon returning home, he avoided a kissing his children, because he could be a carrier of the virus. The company he works for as a designer is now producing masks. He used to take photos of masks of different colours and designs produced for marketing purposes. Since there were no people to try masks on, he used to photograph all masks on his own face. Anxiety of the virus and its affects occupied him as a human and an artist. These feelings and events have driven him to carry out several photomontage works on the most important event that united people’s fear and pains. In most of his artworks, he highlighted the role of the media that used to amplify the event. He also tried to express anxiety, fear and concerns.

Tamer Mallak values René Magritte's painting and its charm. He thought in a way to express the most important source of people’s fear, which led them to isolation from each other, as if people are now hiding from each other. He found himself confronting the deep Magritti creature, the Corona virus. When looking at the face, people feel the desire to figure out the identity of the face hiding behind the mask. This is the human depth perspective of the crisis; we are now hiding from each other. This artwork was chosen out of best 100 entries took part in the Arts Saves Humanity Competition on “see-m” platform.



 The 'Through Solidarity, We Survive' exhibition is outside and will open at 18:00 with the artists interventions starting at 19:00. Please bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Artist Training Berlin presents:

'Through Solidarity, We Survive' - A public space exhibition
16/07/2020 6pm-10pm and 17/07/2020 10am–4pm at the UdK Berlin demonstration KUNST RAUM STADT
Address: UdK Konzertsaal Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 33, 10623 Berlin


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