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My awards in the 6th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards

This year in the 6th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards, I was included in the list of nominees for the victory. My works in two categories - Conceptual and photomanipulation.

I Presented one work in a conceptual topic-"Eternal Return".

The idea of this painting is based on Nietzsche's mysterious philosophical theory of "eternal return". The way I understand this theory is that the Universe, Man and all things will recur eternally and will be re-created afterlife. This life cycle is not the end, instead, similar cycles will return eternally. Each life cycle is similar to its predecessor as if it were a copy of the same life.

The circle represents time, thought, consciousness, and unlimited human experience, while simultaneously, the square is representing the limited space. At the center, you can see the human being, the creature who can combine the square of matter and the circle of spirit. The circle and the square intersect and extend into the depth of the image until the end of time.




In the photomanipulation topic presented a series of works "I THINK, THEREFORE I AM" Our lives are meaningless, everything will one day end, the universe will die!
Our thinks and imagination give our lives meaning! Thinks take us to new worlds. The larger our imagination, the more happy we can be.
Thinks are the engine of humanity, and love is the cradle for thinks without which thinks cannot find the right algorithm in finding the truth in our lives.





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