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Tamer have been awarded in the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards Covid-19 - Nomination in Amateur Photomanipulation category APPLE OF KNOWLEDGE - Nomination in Amateur Fine Art category
On see-me, my work entered the top 100.The first work I was inspired to do her painting by Rene Magritte "The Son of Man"The corona virus is now giving us away from each other. He made us cover half our faces. We became afraid of each other !! The second work, "Passing Clouds"I wanted to say that this crisis will end. And the clouds will leave our face
This year in the 6th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards, I was included in the list of nominees for the victory. My works in two categories - Conceptual and photomanipulation. I Presented one work in a conceptual topic-"Eternal Return". The idea of this painting is based on Nietzsche's mysterious philosophical theory of "eternal return". The way I understand this theory is that the Universe, Man and all things will recur eternally and will be re-created afterlife. This life cycle is not the end, instead, similar cycles will return eternally. Each life cycle is similar to its predecessor as if…
Last year I participated in 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards. So, my works "Conception" and "Frame of Memory" were nominated in two categories - Conceptual and Open Theme. I am glad to see my name among excellent photographers from all over the World. I hope, the next competition (6th, 2019-2020) my result will be better, and my works rank first or second, third. I've already sent to competition my new artwork "Eternal Return".
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