Tamer Mallak photographer and digital artist

Tamer Mallak was born in Damascus, Syria in 1984. Tamer’s father was a sculptor, and it has later influenced his choice of the artistic path.

In 2002 entered the Art Academy in Damascus, Faculty of Painting. There he acquired artistic skills for understanding the space of the picture. After the second year, he decided to change the profession. In 2005 Tamer entered the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Faculty of film and television production.

In 2010 he received a diploma of director of photography. After that, he returned to Syria to continue to work in his profession.

In 2012 due to hostilities in his homeland, he returned to Belarus.

Here using the photo manipulation technique and photo montage to create his work, Tamer began to create works that react to events in his native country. Through images, he tried to create visual representations of the horror of war. All the works related to the war were passing the message to the world about what is happening in Syria.

Tamer also began to analyze other social and philosophical topics. This hobby has become a passion and, ultimately, a profession. Photography for Tamer is a space which conveys his emotions.

Tamer worked in Minsk as the director of photography in two short films.

Photographize magazine published two of his photographs in 39 issue.

His work  "Conception" and "Frame of Memory" was nominating in in 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards in two categories - Conceptual and Open Theme.

Organized two photo exhibitions in the city of Minsk.

Tamer says that beautiful art without an idea is the same as a beautiful actress on stage without speech.

Tamer's awards

Certificate top 50 photo at the Above Art Photography Contest 2016

Certificate of 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards

Certificate of 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards

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